Rhino Garage, LLC

Polysparatic Polyurea Concrete Coating System
The Rhino Garage system is a polyaspartic polyurea garage floor coating that delivers unmatched performance!  The Rhino Garage floor system is an “elastomer,” which means it has some stretch and give as concrete settles and moves.  So you maintain a waterproof, corrosion and chemical resistant floor long after it is installed.  This includes gasoline, oil, salt and other contaminants.
Even better, we are able to apply the system in just one day, all year!  We believe in the Rhino Garage floor coating product so much that we offer a warranty good for as long as you own your home!

Cracks and Joints No Problem.
Our expert installers are professionals at installing the Rhino Garage floor coating system.  We do it right, the first time!  We take extra steps to ensure your floor coating is applied correctly.  

Step 1 - Arrival and Prep

Once our experienced installers arrive they will plastic up and tape up any areas they need to protect your house and items from as much dust as possible. With our machines and industrial vacuum there will not be much dust but we do everything possible to ensure your area is protected.  

Step 2 - Repairs

After everything is protected our installers will repair any needed areas. We use a two part mixture that once cured is two times stronger than concrete.  

Step 3 - Grinding and Base Coat

We mechanically diamond grind the entire area to be coated and base coat the area with a tinted, two part polyurea.   

Step 4 - Chipping

Once the tinted base coat is applied we apply your decorative chip. This is hand broadcasted and our installers make sure to get 100% chip coverage. The 1/4" chip gives your area the non slip texture along with the decorative color. Once the chips dry the installers will scrap and clean up all the unused and loose chips. 

Step 5 - Top Coating

After the chips are collected and the area is properly cleaned our installers apply a two part polyurea top coat. This top coat holds all the chips down and protects your area.