Rhino Garage, LLC

Rhino Garage, LLC delivers a revolutionary product that is simply the best concrete coating and resurfacing around. We deliver a unmatched product with a better warranty then most epoxy companies. Below are some comparisons on how we stand out from your typical epoxy coating company. We deliver quality you can stand on.........  

"The Ultimate Concrete Coating"

- Lifetime Warranty
- 1 Day Installation
- 24 Hr back to Service
- Non slip Texture 
- Multiple Color Options,           Custom Blends Available
- Decals upon request
- The best concrete coating on the market 

Concrete repairs 
Weather it is a missing chunk, crack, or dimple we can repair any imperfection in your surface. Once we are finished with your repairs the substrate will be smooth. 

Prepping  of the substrate

We mechanically dry grind and prep the surface substrate. This allows us to clean up the small amount of dust and start basing and chipping the surface area. Unlike other companies that wet grind and have to let the surface dry in order to return to the installation. 

Total Process

With our system and process we can complete the installation in one day. When the installation is complete the surface can have light foot traffic in 4 to 5 hours. The coated area will be fully cured 24rs after the initial installation.

* Multiple color options

* Custom colors available

  1. Title 7
  2. Title 8
  3. Title 9
  4. Title 10
* Lifetime Warranty - 1 Day Installation *
  1. Custom Colors Available
    Custom Colors Available
  2. Great for Interior Applications
    Great for Interior Applications
  3. Go Dawgs.....
    Go Dawgs.....
  4. Life of your home warranty
    Life of your home warranty
  5. We will even coat your plywood walls
    We will even coat your plywood walls
  6. I Day Installation
    I Day Installation
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* Seasonal Fall Sale of 20% off of any concrete coating of 400sqft or more.

* Military Discount of 10% (Can combine with other discounts and/or offers)